About Me

I am Debra Hall

I have had a countless number of psychic readings over the past 20 years. I have tried everything from phone readings, astrology readings, tarot cards, palm readings, and just about everything in between.

The biggest thing I’ve learned is that not all psychics are created equal, and some are flat-out scammers! The talent and ability of psychic readers can vary dramatically which is why I created this site.

Ontario’s fortune-telling and the spiritual advisory industry are rife with scams and fraudulent practices. According to a survey by Huffpost/YouGov and a 2015 Gallup poll, nearly one in every three or four North Americans believes in paranormal activities. Such a large target audience creates an ideal breeding ground for fraudulent practices in an industry that is estimated to be worth over $2 Billion in the US alone. These illegitimate businesses often involve a combination of grooming and sales techniques linked to extravagant fees; they often charge hundreds of dollars for pretend rituals and sessions.

Advisory services like Psychic Advisor, attempt to unmask some of these fraudulent practitioners and highlight the ones that are ethical and trustworthy.

If you have any questions or comments please email me at email@psychicadvisor.co

I am located at:

1696 Danforth Ave #2D, Toronto, Ontario, M4C 1H8


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