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Are You A Psychic? 6 Ways To Help You Make Sense Of It All

Could you be a psychic? In reality, everyone is. That said, there’s a wide spectrum of psychic abilities – ranging from nothing more than gut feelings to enlightened spiritual communication.

The line between empathy and intuition and mediumship is a fine one. For those who don’t have access to adequate resources, determining if their previous experiences signify psychic abilities can be difficult. To help, featured below are some signs commonly correlated with psychic awakenings.

It’s vital that you understand that experiencing some of the things mentioned doesn’t automatically mean you are a certified psychic, but if you think you may have latent abilities, it could be worth devoting some time to cultivating your gift.

are you a psychic pic

Common Misconceptions of Psychics

Existing as a psychic is far from easy and many individuals have huge misconceptions regarding what the unique ability entails. Cultivating psychic skills necessitates a lot of self-love, patience, and practice.

I’ve come to see that when many people hear the phrase “psychic,” they conjure up images of neon-lit storefronts featuring fog machines and crystal balls as well as animatronic contraptions designed to replica supernatural occurrences – a literal representation of “smoke and mirrors”. From a young age, we are warned by our elders that such services are scams and start associating all physic gift manifestations as fraudulent and dubious. Any otherworldly experiences we endure during childhood are typically discredited, and even in adulthood if we start to explore divination, we are still fast to become skeptical at any mention of the word “psychic.”

For a lot of us, our first exploration into accessing our extrasensory abilities is separating the concept from deception. Of course, there are many charlatans out there who exaggerate or entirely make up their skills, but those people are not psychics – They are scam-artists using fear tactics to target vulnerable individuals. In the majority of cases, masquerading as a psychic is just one of the dozens of exploitative schemes these imposters have been involved with. Psychics that we recommend on Psychic Advisor have been screened and are professionals. That’s why if you are looking for Psychics in places like Toronto it is best to only go with psychics that are highly recommended

True psychics, meanwhile, are just people who are able to feel, hear, taste, sense, see, or have intuitions transcending the boundaries of the material world. It’s challenging, maybe even impossible, to definitively state what is “normal” perception. After all, just about all of us grow up being conditioned to believe our perception of reality is concrete: For example, we assume everyone sees the sky as blue. However, as we expand our sensory spectrum, it’s not long before we see that certain senses we might have are less common in our peer groups. It is through self-awareness of this difference that a lot of us first become aware of our inherent physic abilities.


A strong connection with other people is a common trait among psychics. In many cases, people who hold psychic gifts are magnetic, and other people feel compelled to offer intimate details surrounding their life histories. Psychics are often sought after for their insights, natural wisdom, and life advice; even when they themselves are young. Many psychics recall older family members confiding in them and asking for their opinion on matters when they were young.

Psychics also often have the ability to uniquely connect with animals. Since communicating with spirit guides and other supernatural forces requires signs beyond verbal conversation, true psychics are commonly gifted with an innate ability to communicate emotionally, physically, and sometimes even telepathically.


While visions of what’s to come can seem like a bit of an abstract concept to many people, premonitions often manifest in small ways. Intuition – often just a “gut feeling” – frequent occurrences of déjà vu and thinking about something prior to it happening (like having a person’s name enter your head before seeing an unexpected update posted by them on a social media platform) can all be psychic premonition examples. Assessing those experiences based on context and the chances of your experiences following a possible psychic insight is important; coincidences happen and it’s better to rule our inferences such as unconscious bias that could lead to a faulty conclusion of a perceived psychic premonition.


While not all physics have symbolic or prophetic dreams, many of them receive spiritual messages during their sleep at a faster rate than they do during waking hours. Examples of dreams that could signify psychic abilities include scenes that come true in reality, visions of deceased family members, and appearances of spirit guides, as well as more symbolic messages, such as cryptic messages in vivid dreams. Some people say that dreaming about speaking another language, being someone else, or visiting a location you have never seen before in person while awake are possible indicators of a physic gift.

Tools To Cultivate Psychic Abilities

Using tools like tea leaves, scrying objects, Tarot cards, dowsing, meditation, automatic writing or Zener cards is a good way to cultivate psychic abilities. Lots of mediums began at a dedicated spirit center, where they spent many years developing their gifts and proving free psychic readings before becoming professionals.

Switch On A Psychic Ability

One of the most important elements of cultivating psychic abilities is being able to call on them when you need to give a psychic reading. While having sporadic flashes of intuition can certainly make life more interesting, people expect a paid psychic reading from a medium or clairvoyant to provide them with what they want to know at the time. In that situation, the medium needs to be able to switch on their physic abilities in a manner that is reliable and consistent.

Switching Off Psychic Abilities

It’s also essential that psychic readers can turn off their gifts when going “off duty”. Even internationally famous physics are human and have to navigate everyday lives. When you’re standing in line at the supermarket or getting your hair styled, it can be disturbing to begin tuning into the private lives of everyone surrounding you!

So, if you have an inkling that you may be psychic…

You likely are! Start learning to trust your episodes of psychic intuition and think about doing something to cultivate your skills, like signing up for a class, studying the Tarot, or joining a development circle at The Spirit University. Who knows where it will take you!

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