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The Top Questions to Ask a Psychic About an Ex | 3 Best Break-Up Questions

Breakups are hard. Even when both parties agree the separation is the best course of action, they are still left with regrets, unanswered questions and “what ifs.”

If the breakup was one-sided, then the grief can be even more excruciating. It can tamper with your ability to cope with every day’s tasks. It does so by not letting you think of anything else beside it. Don’t believe, however, that only the dumped party is thinking about their actions and consequences. While it might be harder for the one left behind to cope with a breakup, struggle appears for the one leaving as well.

Questions arise. Sometimes you get closure from communicating with your ex, but most of the time, that option is simply not possible anymore. The breakup could have been harsh. You could have decided to stop any communication to go on with your lives as fast as possible.

You could discuss your concerns with your family and friends. They will be biased, and you know it. They will often pass your issues through their own filters, and they will sugar-coat things to encourage you.

Reaching out to professionals, such as a psychologist or a psychic, could give you more insight into your actions and personality. Both of them can treat the situation objectively and help you determine the best way to cope with a separation—but you need to ask the proper questions to receive the best answers.

picture of an ex

What Caused the Breakup?

This is an important question, and it should be your opening one. Not only will it validate the abilities of the psychic you’re discussing with, but it can also provide a new angle.

Being emotionally involved is definitely not making you think with a clear mind. This is why you are not able to objectively assess both your former partner and your role in the relationship and what caused the breakup.

A psychic might be able to touch aspects of your relationship, moments of value and moments of hurt. What’s more important, they can sometimes indicate a situation assessed differently by your partner than yourself, or the other way around.

Small, unspoken details could have made a difference. Knowing them might provide closure.

Will We Get Back Together?

We’re not saying this is one of the best questions you can ask, but often, a psychic can indicate whether you and your ex will cross paths again.

If the possibility appears for a reconnection, you can prepare yourself. Not to jump right back on, but to have the tools and to be the best version of yourself, to make you a better person.

However, you need to understand the answer could be a straightforward NO, and you need to prepare for that. Even though it hurts to hear it, it could come with additional details about why it would not be the best situation.

What Should I Have Learned from My Ex?

This question ties the two above together. Every single experience in our life can teach us something. Figuring what that is, lies in our responsibility alone (except for math classes).

Most of the time we get so caught up in the action and the false social perception, as well as the opinion of others, that we forget to take a moment and analyze our day. We tend to think about tomorrow and what needs to be done, instead of pondering for a minute about the setting day. This is what happens in relationships as well.

We think about tomorrow and most often about our partner’s actions and words, but forget to be just a bit introspective and analyze our behaviors. Getting some answers from a psychic could clarify not only the first question better, but it could also help you understand yourself better.

Choose to Connect

Reaching out and finding the best questions to ask a psychic about your ex has no secret success recipe, but the outcome of such a reading has so many potential benefits. It can not only help you get over the past but also prepare for the future.

Finding connections between your behavior and your partner’s reactions and vice-versa will give you clarity on your future.

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