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Best Questions to Ask a Psychic | 3 Tips For Getting An Accurate Reading

It doesn’t matter if you plan on having your first reading or you have participated in some already. Every time you visit a psychic, you have the same nervousness and exciting feeling of finding out “more” – about your life, about your loved ones, about those who surround us only in spirit and about your future.

If you’re a skeptic, you probably want to dive in prepared with a list of trick questions that will block the psychic and unveil the entire scam. There are those as well. We admit that, but for those who have the chance to meet with a real psychic, they left the session with their mind blown to pieces.

If you’re a believer, chances are you already know what’s coming, and you actually want to make the most out of a session. It’s not hard to do that if you know what the best questions are to ask a psychic.

Some of the ones below, you might have already received answers for. Some of them might be new. You might be visiting a different psychic, and you’re curious to see if you receive the same answers. No matter your reasons, if you want to make it easy on yourself and get the most knowledge out of a reading, keep in mind the advice below.

picture of questions for psychics

Don’t ask Yes/No Questions

It might be surprising we open with what you should not do, but think about it. Our future is not set in stone. Even though we might sense the overall path we’re taking, the silver lining connecting all humans on earth makes us susceptible to even the slightest changes. If you’re asking, for example: “will I get married,” the most likely response will be yes, but you won’t find out when, with whom, how will he/she be like, or even how many times you’ll marry. The conversation will end with a yes or no. Pretty dry, right?

Instead, think of open-end questions. A few examples, related to your love live, could be:

  • Why have I not found my perfect partner yet?
  • How can I meet new people?
  • What should I consider in a future date?
  • I’ve met someone. Could he/she be a love prospect?

Ask Psychics Answerable Questions

This is one of the most crucial pieces of advice we could give you. Even though psychics have exceptional abilities and insight, they do not tune in to reading your past, present or future to some magic prompter showing them everything.

Don’t expect a psychic to tell you the winning lottery numbers from next week. From the past one, they might be able, if they’ve seen them on TV and have an amazing photographic memory, but it would be a scam, wouldn’t it?

You might say: “ok, but what if a psychic is not able to tell me anything?” That is never the situation. No matter how protected you may be, there is always something. Sometimes, it might be small detail which seems utterly unrelated to your current life, something that has no meaning.

Remember though. Psychics get insight on details which they present to you immediately. They are not there to interpret them. They can’t and should not do it, because otherwise, they would be influencing you. A good psychic might ask you more question than you ask them. Finding a middle path and communicating honestly is the best way to making the most out of your psychic reading.

Ask for Unknown Answers

We know there are a lot of ill-willed people in the world, and we know they will try to make money out of every possible opportunity. Sometimes, people well versed in cold-reading will mimic the abilities of a psychic very well.

That’s why, if you are trying to figure out if they’re worth your money or your recommendation, try taking the conversation to an area where no one else knows the details. Most often, in readings where the purpose is to connect with a lost loved one, a medium will be able to share a detail known only by the deceased and the person they’re reading for.

Whether it is a phrase, an object, an activity or a place they shared and with no one else, this small detail is what makes a difference. At the same time, it will allow you to be more open to the reading, which enables the medium to absorb your energy and provide better/more answers for you.

Get What You Came For

The truth is psychics, mediums, and people with insight, don’t have the right and wrong answers. They are not able to guide your life or to provide closure for your past hurt. Trying to find the best questions to ask a psychic is a completely personal experience. What might apply to you, could be completely different from your twin sister.

However, if you trust your psychic, be open about your concerns. Speak loudly and in detail. It will guide and help them to help you back. After all, this is what you came in for.

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