what are tarot cards and how they work

Tarot Cards: What Are They And How Do They Work?

A Tarot deck consists of 78 images representing universal and ancient archetypes, in addition to situations that could arise in the course of an individual’s lifetime. The deck is arranged pretty much like a pack of cards and is generally used to foretell the future as well as gain insight into metaphysics and psychology.

Where the Tarot originated from is still controversial, and has been long lost in antiquity. While there are several theories as to where it originated, a majority of scholars agree the current form originated somewhere around the Middle Ages.

Up until the middle of the 1900s, only one Tarot Deck was readily accessible – the Rider-Waite. Today, though, there’s a large variety of extraordinary and beautiful Tarot card designs for readers.

Tarot Cards: What are they?

what are tarot cards and how they work

The Tarot is a deck made up of 78 Tarot cards, each with its own unique story, imagery, and symbolism. There are 22 major Arcana cards, which represent life’s spiritual and karmic lessons, and 56 minor Arcana cards, which represent the tribulations and trials that we face daily.

Within the Minor cards, there are 16 Court Cards which represent the 16 personality characteristics that we express at any point in time. These Cards also include 40 numbered cards that are organized into four suits with ten cards each.

Each of these cards represents the different situations one may encounter on a day to day basis.

Tarot Decks include Major Arcana Cards and Minor Arcana Cards.

Major Arcana Cards:

The 22 Tarot Trumps start with the Fool and climax with the world. Structured around ancient archetypes, and made into a system around the Middle Ages, the twenty Major Arcanas illustrate various concepts, life situations, and individuals that people will likely encounter at a point in their lives.

In Tarot readings, these cards are often related to the most significant life events – those events that involve humanity, the world, and its customs, laws, life forms, and various sociological issues.

For a long time, it was thought that the Tarot deck was developed first before the trumps were gradually dropped from the pack. But, Tarot researchers now believe that the Major Arcana, with all their religious and esoteric symbols, developed independently and were added into a Tarot deck in the early 1400s.

Minor Arcana:

The 56 Tarot cards, which are separate from the Major Arcana, include Court Cards and are categorized in 4 suits, numbered from 1 (Ace) to 10. The Minor Arcana were derived from the original pack, which is thought to have originated from China, the birthplace of paper, at around 800 A.D.

China’s idea of card-playing entered Europe via medieval India and the Middle East. There are several records from the late 14th century, referring to an Arabic card game known as “Naib.”

When the Minor Arcana added to the Major Arcana and card divination became a bit more widespread, cards within the Minor Arcana started being used to represent various events in the course of an individual’s life. This practice continues to this very day.

What Are Tarot Cards Capable Of?

While some say that Tarots are just ink printed on paper, there is something more to them than just that. What I’ve learned from reading Tarots every day for over 20 years is this:

Tarots are the storybook of our lives, the key to inner wisdom, and the mirror to our souls.

Every spiritually-oriented lesson we come across in life can be found within the seventy-eight Tarot Cards. When consulting Tarot cards, they show us the lessons that we need/have to learn and master if we want to live inspired lives.

It is like looking at yourself in a mirror, but one that allows you to access the subconscious mind. These cards will enable you to tap into the answers and wisdom that reside in you.

How Can I Use Tarot Cards?

Tarots are perfect for making choices, coaching others, manifesting goals, planning a business, self-development, meditating, or even writing a book – you name it!

How Do Tarot Cards Work Exactly?

While most people think that Tarots tell the future, predicting what future days’ hold isn’t what Tarots are really all about.

What you need to know about Tarots is that fortune-telling is definitely out. It is mostly about intuition, especially if you really want to manifest your goals and create the ideal future.

The most effective way to reading Tarots is by using the cards to access your inner wisdom and inner intuition. The imagery on each of the cards gives you instant access to your intuition and subconscious mind.

It is from this place of inner wisdom and power that you can discover ways to make positive changes that will allow you to manifest your dreams and your goals in the future.

Here is an example:

Let us say that you are looking for a soulmate. Instead of reading tarots to predict if “The One” is right around the corner and either being bitterly disappointed or blissfully excited, you should consider consulting the cards to learn more about how you can improve yourself to attract the kind of love you want and keep it.

So, let’s say you pick the Ten of Cups, and see the happy family that is dancing under a rainbow in the card, this should remind you that to attract the kind of love you want, you need to have a clear vision of what you’d like to draw.

The simple act of visualizing the kind of relationship you want to be in then has a tenuous, yet commanding, effect on your capacity to find new love. So, instead of waiting around for “The One” to come searching for you, you become vested to take action and go find them.

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Creating Connections

It is as if Tarot cards create instant connections to your subconscious mind allowing you to access the inner wisdom of your Higher Self. From there, you can channel this wisdom into your conscious awareness, allowing you to take action.

Pretty neat, right!?

Here is the thing, you might already consciously know the insight or message you receive from a Tarot reading, in which case, the interpretation can be an encouraging confirmation of that which you already know.

Alternatively, you might not have a clue what the reading will say until it is reflected by the cards, in which case, you now have the information you need to act based on the new awareness.

How Do Tarots Work When Reading For Others?

By this point, you know that Tarot cards are a powerful tool for self-manifestation and discovery.

However, that does not explain what happens next when reading the cards for someone else and learn that they are dating someone who is twenty-years their junior and haven’t told anyone about it (true story, by the way!)

So, what is happening there? Universal Wisdom and Inner Wisdom

Well, that is where things become a bit more magical and “out there.” We’re all connected to our inner wisdom and collective, universal wisdom.

When reading Tarots – and connect with your intuition – you can very quickly tap into universal wisdom. It is like connecting to and becoming part of a collective mind.

Asking Questions On Behalf of Others

When asking Tarot cards questions on behalf of another person, who has given you the permission to read their cards and who is fully vested in the process, you tap into this collective wisdom. At this point, you’re picking up on all types of intuitive messages through the cards and your connection with the universal wisdom.

The insights you get are channeled through you to the individual you are reading for, and often in a powerful way.

So, imagine the possibilities for you, and those you read for, with this timeless, limitless knowledge at your fingertips!

Tarot Layout or Spread

Tarot layouts or spreads are patterns in which the cards are laid out so a particular type of reading can be given. Typically, each position in the spread has a specific meaning, and the sense of the cards placed in the layout is loaded with tons of implications depending on the position of each card.

Popular Tarot layouts include the Tree of Life Spread, The Celtic Cross, The Astrological (Twelve House) Spread, and The Three Card Spread.

For an intuitive or psychic that uses Tarot cards as their primary focus when giving readings, the cards act as stimuli for their insight and ability to offer advice.

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