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Many of us seek more clarity in our lives. Perhaps we’re facing a troubling circumstance or a significant challenge, and we are uncertain about the best path to take. Maybe we are adrift in our lives and not sure what direction is best, or we are full of doubts about our past actions or our plans. No matter what your circumstance, a reputable Toronto psychic is standing by, ready to listen and help.

An accurate phone reading from a true medium can be the catalyst for change or the helping hand you’re seeking. A reading over the phone is an opportunity to explore the guidance of a proven psychic while in the comfort and security of your own space. You may even feel more comfortable discussing some personal questions or situations over the phone than you might in person.

Why Calling a Psychic Can Be Better Than Visiting In Person

An online or over-the-phone reading can be superior to an in-person appointment for numerous reasons. Here are just a few:


A Toronto psychic that is part of an online psychic network is held accountable for the quality of their readings since the success of the network is dependent on repeat customers and positive customer reviews. A medium that sets out to defraud their customers won’t last long in a network.

A Variety of Choices

The connection between a psychic and their client is essential. Not every client will get the best reading or have the best experience with every psychic, even if the psychic is legitimate. When you utilize an online network, you’ll be able to find a psychic that meshes well with you.

Access to Reviews

Online psychic networks depend on allowing their customers to post honest reviews. You don’t have to rely just on their marketing materials or advertisements. You can see what real customers had to say about their experience.

How to Tell a Psychic is Legit in Toronto

It is natural to be skeptical of a medium’s abilities, especially since there are plenty of alleged psychics who exploit their clients. A real medium, however, can be truly helpful. Here are some ways to determine whether the psychic is legitimate:

  • Legitimate psychics do not cast or remove curses.
  • Legitimate psychics may offer guidance or advice but encourage you to make your own decisions rather than relying entirely on a reading.
  • Readings should be affordably priced, and a legitimate medium will not push you to spend more than you can afford.

Use Ethical Psychics

One of the best ways to find an ethical psychic is by taking a look at Ask Now to  to find the right medium for you. Each psychic is rated and has a proven track record of accuracy. Also, the mediums there have been heavily screened, both for their skill and their ethical practices. It’s a great way to find a psychic in Toronto.

How to Get Ahold of Toronto’s Best Psychic

Once you’ve done your research and read reviews, you’ll be able to find the best psychic in Toronto. You’ll find their contact information through our site. Why wait? Start discovering what a true medium can do for you today.

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Area We Serve in Toronto:

The city of Toronto, situated on Lake Ontario, is the provincial capital of Ontario and the commercial and financial center of Canada. After World War II, Toronto became a magnet to thousands of immigrants from Europe, America, South Asia, and China which turned it into a multicultural city and the most populated city in the country.

Partially due to it’s large multicultural population, Psychic fairs have become quite popular! 

Top 3 Psychic Fairs in Toronto

toronto psychic fairs

Here is our list of the top 3 psychic fairs in Toronto:

1. Toronto Spring Psychic Fair and Expo

The Toronto Spring Psychic Fair is one of the biggest in Canada. If you are curious about what may occur in the future in areas of your life like your career, love, money, and other personal matters that are concerning you at the moment, this is where you will find some of the top psychic readers, clairvoyants, mediums, and healers.

Free psychic demonstrations are available and incredible vendors will be there with all types of psychic paraphernalia on offer. This annual fair and exhibition takes place during April and will be open on Fridays from 4 pm to 9 pm, Saturdays from 10 am to 9 pm, and Sundays from10am to 6 pm at Queen Elizabeth Building, Exhibition Centre, 180 Princes Boulevard, Toronto.

A great line-up of exciting demonstrations and lectures will be featured that are all free and all types of vendors will ply their wares.

General admission fee for the entire three days will be $15 and children under 12 accompanied by an adult will be admitted free. Tickets are available at the door on a cash-only basis.

2. The Metaphysical and Spiritual Show Toronto

At this top psychic event, you can explore the world of psychic readings, crystals, reiki, yoga, Feng-shui, tarot readings, shamanism, astrology, Buddhism, and many more. The show welcomes everyone interested in learning more about the metaphysical to attend the trade show with more than 120 exhibitors.

This is the most awaited spiritual show in Toronto with an attendance of over 10,000 visitors and the largest gathering of esoteric and spiritual communities in Toronto. Entrance to this unique show that happens only twice a year is sponsored and organized by the international crystal store, Crystal Dreams.

The next event is planned to take place in 2020 on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th April from 10 am to 8 pm at the Exhibition Place Heritage Court, 19 Nunavut Road, Toronto.

3. Medium and Psychic Reading Spring Fair

The Medium and Psychic Reading Spring Fair is a highly popular event in the Toronto community. Visitors can experience a mini reading a gifted spiritual or psychic medium, most of whom come from far and wide to offer their services at this fundraiser event.

If you are looking for a psychic reading to help you prepare for what lies ahead or guide you on your path to greater fulfillment and happiness, you can receive a 15-minute reading for just $35 from the reader of your choice. Reading spots are limited and if you have not booked online you may be able to book a reading at the door by paying cash.

The fair will be held on Saturday the 15th of June from 1 pm to 5 pm. The venue is the Oriole Community Centre, 2975 Don Mills Road West in North York. As the venue can be difficult to find there is a link to the Canadian Fellowship of website where you will find detailed directions on how to get there.


We hope you found what you are looking for. But we want to hear from you, are we missing anything on our list? Let us know below!


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