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What Is Astrology? All Your Questions Answered [Guide]

Astrology is the study of the positions of the stars, moon, and sun and how this will affect people’s lives and interactions. As a form of divination, astrology is used in forecasting and predicting the future for people all over the world. It has been used with all age groups and has a fantastic ability to predict the future.

Using astrology to plan for coming events and happenings has long been accomplished by people all over the world with great success. By knowing what is in store for the future, they are taking advantage of the planetary influences that may affect them.

For some, it may not be what they would use for their personal and professional choices but for others, it is definitely a road map to use.

What Is Astrology And How Does It Work?

picture of astrology

People that are adept at understanding the positions of the planets can utilize them to predict and forecast what will happen. This is a way for people to know what may happen so that they can do the things that they need to in order to capitalize on the positives and minimize the negatives.

People that are skilled in this can help other people in a variety of ways. They can give them assistance with their love life, professional choices, health issues, and more. It is used by people all over the world on a regular basis. The existence of astrology had its roots planted in the 2nd Millennium. It is referred by many as a pseudoscience.

What Is Astrology Used For?

In gaining knowledge about things that can happen, astrology is a great way for businesses, people, and cultures to plan on significant events that can have effects on people. These effects can be good or bad, depending on how people utilize the information that they are given through astrology.

Many people that are interested in astrology can become workers in the field as they offer the ability to help people. They study astrology and use it in a variety of ways to give people information that will benefit them.

Is Astrology A Science?

Astrology is not a traditional science but it is used more and more to assist in all types of medical theories and problems. The Science Explorer goes into various ways of how astrology is helping patients to overcome their adversities in many ways.

By using the astrological information about a person, it can help them to deal better with depression and the effects of anxiety. Since this is happening more all over the world, sometimes astrology seems like science more than just random types of predictions.

Astrologers are helping people in many ways so that they can deal with their medical and psychological problems in a more advanced way. Since it is very beneficial it has been looked at favorably in many different fields.

When it is taught, it is done in terms of human interactions versus scientific ways. Though that does not mean that it is not important and value is placed on astrology for a variety of reasons. That is because a lot what happens in the world can be explained using scientific facts.

Astrology is useful because it finds answers where none would exist using formulas. It is based on characteristics and predictions that can explain why somethings are bound to happen and how the outcomes can be better.

What Are Horoscopes Based On?


Horoscopes are based on the predictions for the day, month and year for a person’s astrological sign. Horoscopes are extremely popular and people religiously look at theirs to gain insights and hopes for the future.

They can help people to plan their life in a better way. Some people use them for in-depth assistance with their problems and others use it as a form of entertainment. To say that they are right every time is not likely.

However, people can make a better game plan when they use their horoscopes for general and specific ideas. Each person will have a zodiac sign that they are born into that has a variety of traits according to Astrology Zodiac Signs.

A person can find their astrological sign by using their birth date. There are 12 zodiac signs and they will be one of them. The signs and a little bit about the characteristics of each one are listed below:

1. Aries – Mar. 21 through April 19 – An Aries person is very head-strong. They are passionate and curious.

2. Taurus – April 20 -through May 20 – A Taurus person is stubborn. These type of people are very good planners.

3. Gemini – May 21 through June 21 – Gemini people are fun-loving. They like to be around people.

4. Cancer – June 21 through July 22 – Cancer people are sensitive. With many friends, they have strong feelings.

5. Leo – July 23 through Aug. 22 – People that are Leos are gregarious. They like attention in all ways.

6. Virgo – Aug. 23 through Sept. 22 – Virgos are sweet and nice. Looking into the future is what they like to do.

7. Libra – Sept. 23 through Oct. 22 – Often known to be fair, Libra’s have alot of friends. They are easy to get along with.

8. Scorpio – Oct. 23 through Nov. 21 – People born in the sign of Scorpio have a harsh temper. Tact is not their best trait.

9. Sagittarius – Nov. 22 through Dec. 21 – Sagittarius people are quick thinkers. They like to confuse people and issues.

10. Capricorn – Dec. 22 – Jan. 19 – Capricorns are born leaders. Using analysis is what they do well.

11. Aquarius – Jan. 20 – Feb. 18 – Another type of feelings person are those born into Aquarius. They are also good leaders.

12. Pisces – Feb. 19 through Mar. 20 – Pisces people are well-liked. They are easy going but often disorganized.

The 12 signs are also placed into categories that are called elements. They are water, fire, earth, and air. Here are where the zodiac signs fall into the elements:

1. Water Signs – Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. It is said that people in the water signs are very sensitive. They are also extremely intuitive and they can empathize with others.

2. Fire Signs – Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius – People born into the fire signs are temperamental and can be angered easily. They are also very passionate people.

3. Earth Signs – Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn – The earth sign people are steady and conservative. They look at things in a realistic way.

4. Air Signs – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius – When a person is in the air signs, they are rational thinkers. They are friendly and communicative.

Do Horoscopes Predict The Future?

When people look at their horoscopes it will give them a general idea of what is in store for them. They can use the information to plan their lives accordingly.

For many people, it gives them the ability to make their lives better in a variety of ways. They use their horoscopes to help them find love, win money, excel at their careers, and more. Many people read their horoscopes every day.

They learn a lot of information from them. Some people also have their personal horoscopes completed so that they can pinpoint what is coming up in the future. They will use this information so that they can get the most out of life. Here are some ways that people can use their horoscopes to better themselves:

How Are The Horoscopes Beneficial?

People that follow their horoscopes on a regular basis have been successful with them. They can improve their chances of succeeding in many aspects of their lives. When they take them too seriously, they can also be very disappointed. When using horoscopes, people need to find a healthy balance of using them.

Using A Horoscope To Find A Mate

When a person is looking at their love life, horoscopes can be very beneficial. They will want to look for people that have the traits that they are looking for. To do this, they will need to know a person’s birthdate and they will be able to find out if that person’s sign is compatible with theirs.

This helps to find people and at certain times. So those that are looking for love can benefit from horoscopes.

Planning Money Strategies

Knowing when there is a good time to invest is beneficial for everyone. The use of horoscopes will give people a general idea of the best time to make investments. It needs to be noted, finances can be tricky and people should also seek the advice of financial experts when they are dealing with money.

Career Choices And Traits

For people that are unsure of a career, a horoscope can benefit them tremendously. They can find out what they are inclined to be good and the traits that they possess according to their signs. In many cases, it can help a person choose a career and formulate a plan for advancement in their professional life.

Health – Physical And Psychological

Both physical and psychological health can be assisted by using horoscopes and astrology. People will get to know their personality in a better way and this will help them deal with health issues and conditions in a better way. They will come to know what motivates them and use it to be as healthy as possible.

What Is The Difference Between Astrology And Astronomy?

Astronomy is a science on the study of the planets and their positions. Astrology is the study of the effects that the planets and their placements have to do on humans and events. Although they seem similar, they are not. Astronomy concentrates on the physical and scientific attributes that the planets have and how they are positioned in the sky.

Astrology uses the positions of the planets to help other people with a variety of issues. Both of these fields take highly, disciplined individuals that know their crafts well to complete the missions of their daily work.

Since people love to learn about the stars and planets, astronomers are always needed. When people want to know why they are the way they are, they go to astrologers to find out the characteristics and predictions for their future based on their zodiac signs. The differences are:

1. Science – Astrology is not a science but astronomy is. That means it is subject that others view as not having a scientific basis but it is highly beneficial.

2. Predictive – With the use of astrology, it is predicting events and happenings by the positions of the planets. Astronomy is set and the study of the physical planets.

3. Facts – Both use facts in their findings. Astrology uses signs and characteristics. Astronomy uses the planet’s physical makeups.

4. Use – Astrology is used to help people with horoscopes and character analysis. Astronomy studies the skies and the placements of planets.

5. Reputations – Some people do not find that astrology is beneficial but it is respected. Astronomy is respected and allows people to study the skies.

Astrology will continue to be baffling and amazing based on its accurateness in describing people and predicting the future. The use of astrology will continue to help many people as they live in a confusing world.

They will find solace and guidance when using astrology in a way that can benefit them in many areas of their lives. Since many people are able to have better love lives, professional pursuits, money matters, and more, they use astrology in a good way.

They do a great benefit for themselves by taking the information that astrology gives to them and using it in a positive and profound way. The use of horoscopes can and do allow people to plan for the future in a better way.

They can reap the rewards of their efforts by utilizing the predictions that are given to them.

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I hope you enjoy this article and learned a little more about Astrology. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section!

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